Our experience and expertise allowed us to expand the range of services related to debts

Through constant economic relations, we have at our disposal the investment capital of our Clients, which is dedicated to the purchase of debts with problematic legal status.

In this respect, we have adopted an approach that differs from that of other entities engaged in purchasing debts. We are interested in debts of significant value the existence of which is affected by certain legal uncertainties.

Each debt claim is analyzed by us on an individual basis. Our actions are not automatic. We see opportunities not in mass purchase of debts where enforceability is the key issue.

Our model of cooperation is based on the following course of actions:

  • 1. Analysis of the debt based on all the data and documents submitted by the debt “Seller”.
  • 2. An offer is made to purchase the debt.
  • 3. A relevant contract is concluded (with signatures certified by a notary public) under which the debt is being purchased.

To this extent, the Seller does not bear any costs.